Andreea Barbulescu

Natura Residence

Natura Residence
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  • Natura Residence
  • Aleea privighetorilor 82-84, Bucuresti
  • Lar Imobiliare
  • Aktor
  • 20000 mp sqm
  • 36000 mp sqm
  • B+G+3/5 Floors
  • 03.2010
The group includes eight residential buildings, a club and pool and a general basement. The buildings have a ground floor and three/five floors and include 186 apartments, reception area, horizontal circulation areas, principal staircase and lifts for six persons. The club includes an outdoor pool with separate areas for children and adults, a sauna, jacuzzi, gym, locker rooms, showers. The basement includes a garage for 282 cars and other technical areas.