Andreea Barbulescu
Atelier Arhitectura Axa
We want our projects to create lasting landmarks. Buildings created with care and respect for those who will inhabit them, for the city and its people. We believe that a building is more than a set of figures or materials: it is a living framework that enhances, or, on the contrary, limits our everyday life. Over the years, we have kept the joy of the first building and the memory of the party given by the first family which moved into one of the flats designed by us.

We know how to use the experience of a decade activity in Romania and over 400000 built square meters. We know how to avoid errors and futile compromises. We work with a team of developers, architects and designers, builders and consultants for whom quality represents the central value.
Andreea BarbulescuATELIER ARHITECTURA ANDREEA BARBULESCU is an architectural company founded in 1992 (through AXA ATELIER & AXA ARHITECTURA), having its central office in Bucharest, Romania. Our company is authorized and specializes in architectural design and exterior arrangements, coordinating structural engineering projects, sanitation, electrical and low current systems, thermal ventilations, compiling the necessary documents for obtaining approval and authorizations according to the existing legislation, as well as supervising the outcome of these approvals and authorizations, supervising building works. Our company has been working for over five years with design firms specialized in one of these fields: "ARCADIA ENGINEERING" – structural engineering, "MC PROIECT" – sanitation and thermal ventilation systems, "NEOTRONIX" – low current systems, etc.
All design contracts for 2007 -2011 add up to a value of 3,7 millions euro. Together with the projects of the AXA group, some of our most relevant projects are offices: "Iorga 13 Office Building",  "Nordcity Tower", "Heliade Business Centre", hotels:  "Hotel Golden Tulip –Teişani", commercial buildings:  "Jolie Ville Galleria" and industrial buildings:  "Prologis Logistic Centre".
ATELIER ARHITECTURA ANDREEA BARBULESCU has a vast experience in building residential groups: "Westpark – group of 1500 apartments"; "Evocasa Orizont- group of 1000 apartments Ploieşti", "Natura Residence- group of 182 apartments", "Green Dream—group of 225 apartments", "Vivendo Unirii-group of 110 apartments", "Sevastopol 17- group of 28 apartments", "Zenith Mansion; Northstar Compound; Agat Residential".
"Atelier Arhitectura Andreea Barbulescu" has a permanent team of architects and engineers that can be allocated, depending on the requirements of each project, to lead our company’s projects and supervise their execution.
Also, our company can provide the necessary technical personnel (supervising architects and sub-engineers) for building site assistance.
We have 15 permanent employees, as well as 5 to 10 temporary employees, depending on each project’s requirements.